RawHyde’s Essential Accessories for BMW R1200GS

Jim Hyde of RawHyde Adventures reviews the eight essential Touratech parts for the BMW R1200GS. These are parts Jim feels are necessary for those that join them on the Continental Divide Ride, or participate in any of their training camps.

Essential Item #8 – Large Sidestand Foot

Touratech’s Large Sidestand Foot stabilizes your BMW R1200GS when parked on the side stand. Whether you find yourself parking in grass, gravel, mud or forest soil, the increased surface area of the Touratech Sidestand Foot dramatically improves the stability of the R1200GS making your off-the-beaten-path parking much easier.

Essential Item #7 (a) – Fuel Line Guards

Touratech fuel line guards protect the fuel lines and fragile injector connections on your BMW R1200GS or GSA. Rocks, branches, and often the rider’s own boot can disable the boxer motor by breaking the plastic connection to the injector on the R1200GS.

Essential Item #7 (b) – Throttle Potentiometer Guard

The throttle potentiometer is a key part of the fuel injection system and is exposed on the stock BMW R1200 motor. Your riding boot or other objects can snap this fragile electrical component leaving you stranded.

Essential Item #6 – Zega Pro Panniers

The legendary ZEGA panniers have provided secure dry storage for adventure riders the world over. The engineers at Touratech have retained the proven mounting design and rugged construction while enhancing the looks and features for the next generation ZEGA PRO. For starters, the ZEGA PRO features a revolutionary dual purpose latch that also functions as a hinge and is available with optional key locks.

Essential Item #5 – Hand Guards

These hand protectors are fitted directly onto the tubular handlebars. The hand protector can be combined with various spoilers and then offers optimum protection against wind and weather. A very sturdy construction which has proved itself time and again in many rallies and on other motor cycles.

Essential Item #4 – Headlight Guard

Touratech headlight guards have been thoroughly tried and tested over the years. Even the biggest stones wont be able to damage your headlight with this quick release stainless steel guard for the BMW R1200GS / Adventure!

Essential Item #3 – Oil Cooler Guard

The Touratech Oil Cooler Guard for the BMW R1200GS is the top selling guard world-wide because it protects this bike’s oil cooler from rocks and debris while maximizing the air flow to the bike’s cooling system.

Essential Item #2 – Skid Plate

As it is perfectly suitable for the terrain the R1200GS ADV constantly invites you to go on extensive off-road trips. R1200GS ADV has relatively low ground clearance though and the not adequate stock skid plate has caused big headaches to many! We have developed a full length sump guard with six mounting points (stock has only four) especially for the R1200GS ADV. Impacts are distributed over the whole engine block & subframe to protect the engine in the best possible way. The smooth under-surface allows the bike to slide more easily if it becomes high-centered over stones, rocks and uneven ground.

Essential Item #1 – Crash Bars

Touratech Crash Bars for the BMW R1200GS offer the ultimate in engine protection. Engineered to tranfer impact force to the strongest parts of the chassis, the Touratech Crash Bars protect the cylinder heads and engine case from impact ensuring that your motorcycle trip continues on as planned.