2011 DamTour Underway

The DamTour is a self-guided tour in which motorcyclists ride to 20 different dams in the Western US and Canada. Reaching the dam is documented by taking a photograph with your bike, a numbered identification card, and the dam. If you visit all of the Washington and/or Oregon dams, there is a commemorative pin. If you visit all 20 dams, there is a crystal trophy. The event runs from March through September, which allows for lots of time to create interesting routes. Along with information on the this year’s tour, there’s a forum on the DamTour Website where riders can share tips and ride reports. Additionally, there’s a fun mid-season picnic and an end of season awards party. To sign up for the 2011 DamTour go to www.damtour.com.

Our friend Tim Bowman is participating in the DamTour again this year. Click HERE for some of his interesting ride reports from the tour.