FREE 30 Years of GS DVD with Pannier Purchase

In celebration of the 30 year anniversary of the GS, Touratech is offering a FREE DVD documentary on the history of the GS motorcycle, with each purchase of a Zega or Zega Pro pannier system. This promotion is for a limited time while supplies last.

About the Documentary:

2010 marked the 30th anniversary of the legendary BMW GS motorcycle. To celebrate, BMW North America decided to center their efforts around the creation of a new BMW GS 30-year history documentary, as well as hosting a number of GS-related rides and events around the country. In conjunction with GlobeRiders, Sterling Noren of Noren Films developed two entertaining, informative and inspiring documentary programs about the 30 year history of the BMW GS motorcycle. These films, along with other material, were released on a special 30-Year Anniversary DVD which is now included with the purchase of any Zega or Zega Pro pannier system.

A History of the GS Enduro:

This segment explores all aspects of the history of the BMW GS motorcycle, going all the way back to the company’s origins as an airplane engine manufacturer before WWI, and continuing through the decades with the bike’s technological developments, racing achievements and world travel.

GS Experience:

Focusing on the GS riders of today, this segment includes interviews with Helge Pedersen (GlobeRiders), Doris Wiedemann, Simon and Lisa Thomas (2 Ride the World), Chris Morgan (Beartrek) and many others. The film also shows what GS riders can do with their bikes today, including training courses, NARS rides, Backcountry Discovery Routes and world travel.

In addition to these segments, there are many other GS related bonus features included on the DVD.

Photo by Helge Pedersen