Tom’s Hawaiian Dual Sport Adventure, Day 4

Today is the Seattle Supercross. We’ll go for another ride in Puna district again, because it’s a little closer to home. Here are some more photos:

Riding along the coast on a fisherman’s trail.

We ate lunch in a little town called Pahoa.

Picturesque coastal roads, very little traffic.

We followed a trail to the "new" Kalapana beach. All of the Black lava in this photo is about 25 years old. In the 1980s, the coastline was at the trees in the distance.

This is ‘new’ land; this beach is only about 25 years old.

Since the ocean was so blue today we decided to stop by the arch again for more colorful photos.

After this, we head back home to watch the Seattle Supercross on the TV.

-Tom Myers, President, CycoActive

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