CycoActive Teams Up with Giant Loop for Fast and Light Storage Solutions

CycoActive has teamed up with Giant Loop to provide the best in soft luggage solutions for your "Fast and Light" dualsport motorcycles. Giant Loop produces high quality, well designed tank and tail bags that are made to fit just about any size dual sport or even street bike on the market. CycoActive offers all three of GL’s tail bags as well as their "Fandango" tank bag.

All Giant Loop bags are made in the U.S.A. from extremely tough 22oz vinyl coated polyester (think trucker’s tarp) and are extremely sun and weather resistant. The "Great Basin" bag offers the highest capacity of all the bags at 50 Liters and will mount to virtually any motorcycle with passenger pegs. This bag works well on larger dual sports such as the KLR650 or KTM LC4, as well as some sport bikes. The "Coyote" is the next step down in capacity at 30 Liters. It will fit just about any dual-sport bike out there, passenger pegs or not. (Coyote pictured above) The smallest bag setup is the "Mojavi" which works the best on the smallest dual-sport, enduro, and motocross bikes. (Mojavi pictured below)

To see more about all the Giant Loop products CycoActive offers click HERE