ADV Riding

In-Stock Report: Yoshimura Slip-On Muffler for BMW, KTM and Honda

Check out the video above that gives a great example of the difference  a Yoshimura Slip-On Exhaust can make to your ADV motorcycle. Bring over 50 years of racing success to your BMW R1200GS, Honda Africa Twin or KTM 1090 with the Yoshimura Slip-On Exhaust. Each exhaust muffler is meticulously hand-crafted in the USA from [...]

Video: Touratech Rally 2017 The Touratech Rally began  as a small customer-appreciation weekend that involved riding, camping and sharing good times around the campfire. With this simple formula, and a whole lot of fun, it’s grown into the largest gathering of Adventure Motorcycle enthusiasts in the country. While the core of the event has stayed the same, each [...]

August, 2018 is MABDR Month

No Rally East in 2018.... Touratech loves to give people a reason to load up the bike and go find adventure. Through it’s support of Backcountry Discovery Routes, the Touratech team has helped create seven cross-state routes in the western states. The company has worked with the BDR team over the last five years to [...]

Touratech’s Open House is Going to be Epic!

The Touratech-USA Open House on December 9 from 10AM-2PM will not only serve free bbq from Raney's Bar & Grill until its all gone but it will feature (In-Store/In-Stock Only) savings on: Aventuro Carbon Helmets Aventuro MOD Helmets Continental TKC Tires Motorex Oils, Cleaners, & Chemicals MSR Camp Stoves MSR Tents MSR Cooking Equipment Therm-a-Rest [...]

Daniel Rintz: About Fear and Risk

When we talk to people we meet along the way, we often hear: "You're so brave, travelling around the world, the way you do". I cheekily reply: "Not brave, just naive!" This always gets a laugh. But there is more weight to this exchange than my joking response lets you expect. The fear of the unknown occupies [...]

KTM 1090 Adventure R: Touratech Upper Crash Bars

Like a roll-cage for your motorcycle, Touratech Upper Crash Bars provide ultimate protection for your KTM 1190 / 1090 Adventure or ADV R. Picking up where the OEM KTM crash bars left off, the Touratech upper crash bars extend your engine protection upward to give full coverage for your vulnerable and costly fairing plastics and [...]

Daniel Rintz: It is All So Amazing

What is the best place? "Which one is your favourite country?" I get asked a lot. I understand that this question comes up naturally. For example when I talk to a stockbroker, I feel compelled to ask which shares are safe to buy (And I don't even trade). Obviously countries don't change as quickly as [...]

What to Bring on Your Motorcycle Adventure

Often people ask me what to take on a trip around the world. The longer the trip the more likely you'll need everything from mosquito repellent for tropical places all the way to a down-jacket for the mountains. Taking the right stuff with you is as much a challenge as it is an art. The challenge is to [...]

Meet Daniel Rintz and Josephine Flohr

About ten years ago, I decided to ride around the world. I had no money to do it, but I was desperate to go. So I tried to work random jobs along the way to make it happen. Everyone thought that this was foolish and some even said it out loud. However, when Touratech heard about it, they [...]

Cinebike Looks at the Aventuro Carbon

Our friends at Cinebike extensively tested the Aventuro Carbon helmet recently and did a great job discussing the features. These ultra-light and ventilated helmets are engineered for adventure riding and can be changed from an ADV helmet to a Street or dirt helmet, really easily without tools. They come in eight colors and the price [...]