Install: Radiator Guard for Harley-Davidson Pan America

In this video we walk you through the installation of the Touratech Radiator Guard for the Harley-Davidson Pan America. Without the proper protection in place, one rock thrown up from the lead rider, or branch from a tree can end your ride. Protect the large and vulnerable radiator on your H-D Pan America with this robust, laser-cut alumnum guard from Touratech.

The guard looks great with its anodized black finish and is easy to install. Due to the special design, it provides great protection while minimally affecting cooling.


Hello, and welcome to another Touratech product installation video. My name is Iain, and we are going to be installing the radiator guard onto the Harley Davidson Pan America.

This radiator guard is very valuable for this motorcycle because the radiator is low and completely unprotected from the factory. To complete this installation, you’ll need a Torx T-30 wrench, and I highly recommend going to the Touratech website, downloading the instructions before you begin. Let’s pick up our tools and the parts and get to work.

The first step on this install is to remove the two factory bolts here and here at the top of the radiator. Use your Torx T-30 wrench to remove these.

Now take the radiator guard and hold it up in place. At the bottom of the radiator guard, it’s going to press over these two rubber isolators at the bottom of the radiator, and at the top, it’s going to reuse these two bolt holes.

Now that the bottom of the radiator guard is secured, you’re going to reuse the factory bolts, as well as the washers that are included with the Touratech radiator guard.

Now that I have both bolts loosely installed, I can tighten them up using my Torx T-30 wrench.

All right, that completes the installation of the radiator guard on the Harley Davidson Pan America. If you’d like to learn more about the products we make for this motorcycle, or any other adventure bike, please visit our website, Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and as always, thanks for watching. Enjoy the ride.

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