New Product: Touratech Defensa Handguards

Motorcycle handguards are taken for granted by the majority of riders…Until you find yourself in a situation where a simple upgrade would have saved your hands or levers. Whether it’s a drop, a fall, an errant piece of freeway or low hanging branches, handguards play an important role.

Using the same engineering techniques that are used in aircraft construction Touratech has developed the Defensa Handguard System. Its exoskeleton structure is made from high-strength, forged aluminum which leaves no doubt to the strength and quality of its design and is available as ‘Defensa Core.’

Protection and rider comfort are always at the forefront in the Touratech design process with Defensa’s optional integrated plastic shield structure they’ve got you covered. It slides over the aluminum and is secured with bolts. This configuration ‘Defensa Expedition’ is ideal for deflecting foliage on a brushy trail or protecting hands from flying rocks or gravel.

All Defensa handguard systems come with bike-specific mounting kits that provide riders with everything needed for clean mounting to the bike and the plastic shields are available in either black or white.

Your adventure motorcycle levers are perhaps the most important controls you have, protect them with Touratech Defensa Handguards.

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