ADV Riders Welcomed in Vermont

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Too much for a tiny town and Suicide Six?

Some had worried that an event like this was too much for the tiny town of Pomfret.  But those notions have dispelled.  It seems that the ADV community made an excellent impression on the Pomfret townspeople and surrounding communities.


Time Reither, the Suicide Six Resort Manager said the Touratech DirtDaze event was one of the smoothest they ever had.

“We had 200-plus campers and the next morning [after the event closed] there were eight of us expecting to pick up a lot of trash.  There was literally not one piece of trash left behind.  When the Vermont Symphony Orchestra came, it looked like a bomb went off.”


Politicians happy

Local politicians chimed in with their thoughts.  Select Board Chair Emily Grube said that the DirtDaze attendees were free to travel Vermont roads.  She noted that the bikes she heard were relatively quiet and the riders complied with laws.  Planning Commissioner John Moore agreed with Grube.

“People were saying that [Suicide Six] was very fortunate to get the event and people from far away as Canada and New York.  If Vermont is going to hang out its shingle that this is going to be a tourist economy, there were a lot of businesses that benefit.  I think people can live with a four-day event.”


Local resident’s thoughts

Not everyone was happy about the event though.  One resident, Pamela Pickett said she supported the event but that it was too large for the Suicide Six Resort.

“I was concerned with the camping [at the base area] and the noise.  I think the riders were respectful but the constant barrage of motorcycles at 6:30 AM was an annoyance.  The event was too big for Suicide Six”

Pickett may have thought that the resort area was not the proper venue.  But another Pomfret resident thought the venue was appropriate for this kind of event.  Pomfret resident Christina Chamberlain had this to say:

“It was nice to see the venue in use.  It’s a beautiful space.  It brings more people into town and more business.  It’s not like the cops were being called.  The more events we have, the better.”



Welcome in Vermont

Right now, there’s no news about where the next Touratech DirtDaze will be held.  But it seems that if ADV community members want to ride in Vermont, they will be welcome.