Touratech ACE Suspension System for Oil-Cooled R1200GS

If you have an Oil Cooled BMW R1200GS this DYNAMIC ESA suspension upgrade with have you falling in love with your GS all over again. You can teach an ‘old dog’ new tricks by upgrading your oil-cooled R1200GS to modern DYNAMIC suspension technology with the Touratech Explore “ACE” (Actively Controlled Electronic suspension). Fine-tuning the ride is easy with the handlebar mounted controller that can be adjusted on the fly.

Don’t let your friends with water-cooled R1200GS motorcycles be the only ones with DYNAMIC suspension. You can go full DYNAMIC with the ACE upgrade and your suspension will utilize integrated sensors that will change the valving of your shocks in milliseconds to handle realities on the ground improving the performance and handling of your oil-cooled R1200GS motorcycle. We’re talking about that planted feeling that can only be delivered by fully dynamic suspension.

Purpose-built to go the distance for touring, riding with luggage or even a passenger. Built from fully anodized high-strength aluminum, featuring low friction seals, the system is top-level craftsmanship.

Touratech shocks are purpose-built shock absorbers for long-distance touring, with the fully-loaded Adventure rider in mind. Cold forged from 6082 T6 aluminum the shock bodies are fully anodized inside and out for protection and long-term performance. Mounting bushings are carved from generous portions of high-strength stainless steel, ensuring that the mounting points of the shock are up to the task. These shocks can be owner installed and do not require extreme modification to the motorcycle.