Meet Aaron Jennings: Touratech Adventure Expert

Aaron Jennings is part of The Touratech customer service team. They’re motorcycle industry veterans and riders and each of them is an ADV  expert with a thirst for adventure and a desire to help you see the world from two wheels. Need advice on parts, gear, installation or anything having to do with your bike? Ask an Adventure Expert.

Bikes owned: 48

Years riding: 31 years

Bikes in your garage: 2013 R1200GS, 2007 G650XChallenge, etc, etc, etc. 

Countries ridden: USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, and Germany

Favorite ride: They all are fantastic in their own way!

Favorite bike: Anything with 2 or three wheels is my favorite. Currently I ride either my G650X Challenge or my 2013 R1200GS

Years at Touratech: 1.5 years

Tent nights last year: 0- Most nights were in the camper last year due to shoulder and knee surgeries in 2015, but I hope to go bike tripping again in 2016!

Favorite Touratech item: Aventuro MOD helmet!

Favorite Event: Touratech Rally!

Must Have: My Bialetti Moka Express Coffee maker- I have carried it all over the world!


States ridden: I still have to ride in every state east of the Mississippi except Pennsylvania. 

Years in industry: 20+

First bike: 1980 Honda CT70 Passport – “The Flaming Lemon”. Toughest motorcycle ever built. 

Biggest day (most miles): From Norman Oklahoma to Seattle Washington “Had to be at work on Monday.” 36 hours and about 2000miles. Did it on my 1985 R80G/S. 

Longest ride: Longest ride was my trip to Alaska many years ago. I did a little over 8,000 miles in a bit less than a month. Also on that old R80G/S

Anything else we should know about you?:  I wish I could have one or sometimes two of every cool bike ever built, but there is no way I could ever hope to afford or be able to maintain that many bikes. Until there is a real motorcycle library that I could use at will, I will keep buying and selling so I can experience them all!

To speak to Aaron or any of our Adventure Experts call 1.800.491.2926 or email: