Touratech Video Release: Navigator 4/5 GPS Mount

The Touratech locking mount for the BMW Navigator 4 or 5 GPS unit provides the ultimate in locking and vibration resistant protection for your GPS while on any kind of motorcycle adventure.

Because of the locking mechanism, you will no longer have to worry about your expensive GPS while running in to pay for gas, or grabbing a bite to eat. The Navigator IV or V mount also incorporates anti-vibration dampers to cut down on harsh vibrations to your GPS from your motorcycle’s engine or the road conditions. This mount is perfect for both street touring on a large sport touring bike, or hard off road riding on a single cylinder enduro. (Video Transcription Below)


This is the Touratech Locking Mount for the BMW Navigator Four or Navigator Five GPS unit. 

The way this thing works is, you actually mount the BMW Power Cradle with the four buttons right in here inside this locking mount. 

If you pull up on this paddle on the bottom, it releases the top of the locking mount. This allows you to take the GPS, snap it in just like normal into the power cradle, and then slide the top down. 

Now, the GPS mount is isolated from vibration, and it’s actually locked in here. There’s a bolt at the back side that eliminates the ability to press in the release button on the back side of the power cradle, and then you can lock this unit closed with the lock over here on the side.

That’s with the same keys that we outfit on our Zega Pro Luggage, as well. 

To release the GPS from the mount, once you’ve unlocked the lock cylinder, you pull up on this paddle at the back. That releases the top of the GPS mount, and then you reach in with your finger and push in the button at the back side of the GPS cradle to release the unit.