11 Reasons to Throw a Leg Over KTM’s New 1190

For many people, KTM symbolizes off-road excitement. A brand built on its off-road racing achievements, KTM makes bikes that excite the soul and ignite enthusiasm in almost everyone. And so with the release of their new 1190 Adventure, the highly anticipated replacement of their 990 Adventure model, KTM enthusiasts and adventure motorcyclist alike are eager to know why they should throw a leg over the new 1190. Here are 11 reasons to do it.

11. Swingarm is a Work of Art – The die-cast aluminum lattice swing arm is an industrial design masterpiece.

10. Adjustable Ergonomics – The KTM 1190 comes with a seat, foot pegs and bars that can all be adjusted to improve the fit for every rider.

9. Easy to Turn Around – The steering lock engages much later on the KTM 1190 than on its predecessor, the KTM 990. The new 1190 is easier to turn around on a narrow dirt road or in the garage.

8. Rear Brake Control  – The ‘Off-Road’ ABS mode allows you to lock-up the rear wheel brake for intentional skidding with manual rear brake control while still providing ABS front brakes for safety.

7. Superb ‘Ride by Wire’ Throttle – The control is predictable and very effective, allowing the rider to dole out just the right amount of power for the job at hand. This is a very important detail when managing 150 horsepower on an adventure bike. KTM’s engineers have really hit the mark with the ‘Ride by wire’ throttle on this bike.

6. Steering Damper – Both the 1190 Adventure and Adventure ‘R’ come equipped with a steering damper, making the bike smooth and predictable compared to its predecessor. The steering damper stabilizes the front end and helps the bike pull straight forward under power, even in rough terrain or rocky conditions.

5. Change Ride Modes Without Stopping – The KTM 1190 offers four different ride modes that can be changed on the fly without stopping the motorcycle. Using the control buttons you can switch between Street, Rain, Sport & Off Road, then simply close the throttle and the bike changes to the new mode.

4. Available with a 21” front wheel – The KTM 1190 Adventure ‘R’ is the only motorcycle in the 1200cc class that comes with an off-road friendly 21” front wheel. This delivers a clear advantage in off-pavement handling.

3. Sounds Like a KTM – True to its heritage the 1190 flashes “Ready to Race” on the dash when you start the engine. At lower RPMs the bike sounds conservative and pleasant, but when you twist up the throttle the real KTM personality comes to life. The bike makes a deep unmistakable growl that sounds more like a Trophy Truck than an adventure bike.

2. Power to Weight Ratio – With 150 horsepower and a claimed weight of 518lbs the KTM 1190 is the most potent adventure bike on the market.

1. Best Brakes in ADV Class – Both the front and rear brakes are easy to modulate and offer impressive stopping power. You can use just one finger on the front brake and feel completely in control even when charging down a mountain road.

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