GlobeRiders “Tips From The Road” – Zipper Maintenance


Helge Pedersen, famed adventure rider and author of “10 Years on 2 Wheels,” took some time during GlobeRiders’ recent ‘Africa Adventure,’ to film a handful of informative ‘Tips from the Road.’ In this installment, Helge talks about zipper maintenance.


Dirt and dust are a zipper’s biggest enemies. Nobody likes to be on the road with a broken zipper in his or her riding gear or luggage.


– Dirt and dust are a zippers biggest enemies.


– Zippers are more likely to break when you are in a hurry.


– Keep an eye on how you zippers functions and maintain it before a problem starts.


– Candle wax is a good lubricant to use, because it is dry and does not attract more dirt and dust.


The best way to lubricate your zippers is with a candle. I just take the candle and get very generous with the wax. Candle wax is dry. It doesn’t attract sand and grit as much as liquid oil.


Just fill up all those teeth with candle wax and then check it. So take that as a good tip from the road. You don’t have to bring this big honking stick of a candle. You can just use a little piece like that. Put it in your luggage. It’s great to have with you to lubricate your zipper wherever you go.


Helge Pedersen, GlobeRiders


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