Reconnecting With Canada: The North – DVD

Traveling 10,000 kilometers (6,000 miles) in the middle of one of the coldest winters, two BMW F800GS motorcycles and a X5 BMW for support depart Victoria, British Columbia for Canada’s North. Set against a backdrop of stunning winter scenery, ‘The North’ follows Joe & Flora Lloyd, Paul Mondor and Jesse Clark on their personal journeys to Tuktoyaktuk. From behind the visor and behind the camera, the adventure encompasses a true Northern experience, from -54 F days, snow storms, dog sledding in the iconic Yukon, snowmobiling, ice caves, the color-washed sky-scape of the Aurora Borealis and an ill fated collision with a dump truck.

It is a story that runs the spectrum from mind blowing scenery to days of fighting for simple survival, where every kilometer of not crashing seemed a triumph. Enjoy this thrilling adventure, as told by the team members as they embark on one of the harshest rides and bone chilling adventures on the planet. This 8 episode series is a must see for any motorcycle enthusiast, 160 minutes of Arctic adventure.

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