World Traveler Chuck Quast Stops by Touratech-USA

In 2005, good friend of Touratech-USA, Chuck Quast sold everything he owned (he even sold us his drill press to buy a TT39 tank kit) to take off from Seattle on his BMW F650GS Dakar to see the world. Since then, Chuck has ridden 100,000 miles through 53 countries and 5 continents, and suffered hardships such as battling Malaria and Dengue fever.

After 5 long years, Chuck decided it was time to see all that America has to offer and left his BMW in Europe for service and picked up a KLR650 in the states to travel the country on. After riding through California and Oregon, he stopped in at Touratech-USA headquarters in Seattle to catch up with some old friends, and take a long overdue shower.

A couple favorites from Chuck:

Best Coffee: Ethiopia

Best Adventure Riding: Definitely Bolivia

We wish you safe riding and good luck out there Chuck!